Water in Marimurtra Botanical Garden

Marimrutra Botanical Garden benefits from new projects themed around the importance and benefits of water

Water is an element of nature, integral to natural ecosystems, fundamental for reproducing life on the planet. It is indispensable in making possible the development of biological processes.

At Marimurtra Botanical Garden, we are very aware of both the need and importance of water: not only for the hydration and nutrients that it offers to the Garden, but also in a visual and sensory sense. We have begun a series of changes in our water systems and devices.
On the operational side, the Garden’s rainwater catchment system has been rehabilitated to optimize our use of water. Recovering the knowledge and practices of our ancestors, using basic materials and tools, a mechanism has been created to keep the rainwater and the underground water from being lost, we use this very efficiently, to the last drop.

La mina del Jardí Botànic Marimurtra
Botanical Garden Marimurtra’s mine

Therefore, at a time when there is an increasing scarcity of water resources, the improved efficiency achieved thanks to the collection system will provide significant environmental and economic benefits. Our irrigation supplies will gain from the 1.402.373,4 liters of collected water per year.

On the experiential side, we recognize that ‘water is life’ and the sounds produced by its movement helps to create a healing sensation of peace and calm for the visitor. The sources of the Garden are an essential element in this process, especially at the landscape level.

Marimurtra will create a new space of peace and relaxation through the fountains installed in the third garden: with the addition of three pumps, water will be able to circulate throughout the space. This will create the relaxing atmosphere, while being on-hand for some irrigation. By circulating continuously, stagnation is prevented, and mosquitoes are prevented.

Recognizing the importance of water for sustainability of the environment, Marimurtra Botanical Garden is organizing a photo contest on social networks (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) in which the main theme is water in Marimurtra.

Express yourself with the hashtags #h2omarimurtra and #marimurtra and share with us your creative perception of the water inside the garden. The contest will be active until Sunday, March 25th at 11:59 p.m. The 5 most original photographs will be selected, of which 4 finalists will be awarded and one winner. The winner can enjoy an annual subscription to visit the Marimurtra Botanical Garden, a breakfast for two in the garden’s café area and a gift from a selction of Km0 craft products from Marimurtra.

Liven up and do not let your opportunity escape!

Check the contest rules here.