Plant dome project

The aim of this project is to build a reed and ficus dome in the rest area of ​​Marimurtra

Humans have used plants for many uses over the centuries. One of the traditional applications of plants was construction and this project seeks to recover and deepen the use of reeds in combination with other species (in this case ficus) to create a very useful space within the Garden, the rest area.

The project, therefore, consists of creating a structure of different domes with cane that, once carried out, serves as a guide for the ficus, as a more solid tree, to grow and generate a structure of retreat and protection. The combination of these two types of plant and the structure that are proposed are innovative in our context and places the project at the forefront of the rediscovery of the possibilities of the use of plant material for a construction that seeks sustainability, integration with the environment and total respect for the environment.

In parallel, the project also envisages the development of opportunities for the dissemination of the traditional use of reeds, citizen science, volunteering, carrying out activities to promote and publicize the use of plant materials for construction. and involving the community around Marimurtra in the development of this project.

Collaboration: Voltes Architecture Cooperative

Cooperativa Arquitectura Voltes

Characteristics of the project

Request € 21,000 over 7 years


  • Mention to the Board of Patrons of the entrance
  • Mention at the entrance to the space
  • Communication through the Foundation’s channels: Post on the blog, mention in the Newsletter, Social Networks (12 annual mentions)
  • Guided tour of Marimurtra with an explanation of the project for 20 guests of the patron
  • Complimentary tickets: 20 / year
  • Certificate of donation and access to tax benefits as a donor.
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