Weddings at Marimurtra Botanical Garden

The events team at Marimurtra is made up of people with the aim of making your dreams come true. Our professionalism and involvement are our signs of identity. We want to be part of your wedding by making your story possible, because if you can imagine it you can achieve it. We are used to working in the delicate and exclusive environment of the Marimurtra Botanical Garden. This is why we love challenges and we make sure that all your expectations are fully met.


Marimurtra’s Welcome

A space featuring breath-taking views over the Linnaeus Pavilion which constitutes the ideal place to offer your guests some welcome drinks.
Goethe Square marks the beginning of the wedding ceremony. Here is where the bride starts her impressing walk down the Epicurus Stairway.

Linnaeus Pavilion

The most romantic and eagerly awaited moment of the wedding is the ceremony, and at Marimurtra we celebrate it in our most outstanding monument, the Linnaeus Pavilion.
The most special historical monument in the garden is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful spots on the Costa Brava, featuring a truly romantic architecture and situated right on top of the first cove of the Costa Brava called Sa Forcanera.

Lloret Square, Where the Tasting Begins!

On this balcony of Marimurtra you can feel the full might of the sea against the cliffs of the Costa Brava, an ideal experience to share while savouring the appetisers.

The banquet of the Costa Brava

This is where you’ll be able to enjoy the long-awaited banquet thanks to our professional caterers and surrounded by an exclusive and idyllic environment.

The Pond, Time to Dance, Share and Enjoy

The pond is surrounded by the lush vegetation of the garden, which creates a unique and festive environment where you can place the open bar and hold your wedding ball.   


Backup Plan for the Ceremony

In the event of adverse weather conditions, we can install our marquee at the Linnaeus Pavilion. It blends in perfectly with the environment thanks to its materials and colours.

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Visits for weddings are always with the Events staff and under previous appointment. Arrange your visit by sending an email to

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