Library and Archive of the Carl Faust Foundation

The Carl Faust Foundation makes its bibliographic and archival collection available to the academic community and everyone interested in the figure of its founder and the natural sciences.

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The whole collection is marked with Carl Faust’s ‘Ex libris’. It is a mark of ownership, which is normally affixed on the back of the cover page, on the cover page itself or on the first blank sheet, and is used to identify the book’s author or the library it belongs to.

On the other hand, this agreement will also make accessible the correspondence between Carl Faust and the botanists of his time, such as Josep Cuatrecasas, Miquel Aldrufeu and Carles Pou, as well as the letters he exchanged with one of his disciples called Ramon Margalef. Thanks to this digitization process, the general public and researchers will have the documents at their disposal online, something which was impossible until now.

To consult these books and documents on site, it is necessary to make a prior request and follow the operating rules:

  • The library’s collection must be consulted in the spaces designated for that purpose by the Foundation.
  • The Foundation has the right to deny consultation of certain books of the old stock on the basis of criteria such as conservation and preservation.
  • The Foundation has the right to ask the researcher about the reasons they have to consult the collection.
  • The Foundation can ask for a personal identification document to the researcher and retain it while they are consulting the collection.
  • Teachers and researchers from the UdG will have preferential access to the library’s collection and they will not have to justify its use.

Fill and send the Application

Once this application form has been filled out, it must be sent to the corresponding mail address depending on the reason of your request:


On 24th April 2019, Àngels Merino, director of the Library of the University of Girona, and Josep Daunis, vice-rector of the UdG, presented in the iconic Linnaeus Pavilion of the Marimurtra Botanical Garden the collaboration agreement between the Carl Faust Private Foundation and the Library of the University of Girona.

The agreement makes available to the general public, as well as researchers and scholars, the books and documents belonging to Faust’s private library. The collection consists of some 1,700 items divided into old stock and modern stock, which can now be consulted through several search catalogues of different libraries around the world, such as the one of the University of Girona.