Groups ≥ than 20 people


What is a group?

A group / international school of more than 20 people organized by one or more managers who visit Marimurtra and make a single payment. Prior reservation is required by filling out this form. Reservation management hours are from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm.

What is the price of the group ticket?

2023: 6.40 € per person and free of charge for the group leader.

Opening times

  • Check the home page to find out about the most updated information about opening times.

Closed: 24th, 25th, 26th and 31st December – 1st , 5th and 6th January

Check here the datges with incidences in some locations of the Botanical Garden

What types of visits are there?

Without guide
  • The visit without guide is done without any official Marimurtra guide. The price is 6.40 € per person and free of charge for the group leader. You can download the map of the Garden to navigate inland at this link.
  • Welcome Marimurtra: this is a 15-minute introduction by a Marimurtra guide in front of the Garden map. The location and extent of the Botanical Garden, its history and who was its founder are explained. Also, the recommended route is indicated to be able to observe the most significant specimens and the essential corners. After the introduction, the group continues with a free visit. The price of this service is €20 / group. This price does not include entrance to the Garden. This tour is offered from Monday to Friday with prior reservation, but can be requested at the weekend depending on the availability of guides. In both cases, you must fill in the form at the end of the page or contact
Whit guide

Guided tours are 90 minutes (95 € / guide). Each guide includes groups of 20/25 people. The price does not include entry to the garden (€ 6.40 per person).

90-minute guided tours (€ 95 / guide):
  • Discover Marimurtra:
    Discover the Marimurtra Botanic Garden, the surroundings, the racons and plant species from around the world accompanied by a guide. You’ll know the figure of Carl Faust, the garden maker, and you’ll enjoy a journey of about 2 km with over 4,000 species, where you can visit the whole garden and discover the most characteristic plants.

How is the payment made?

For the non-guided visit you can make the payment by transfer (before the visit) or in cash or card on the day of the visit. With guided tours, payment for the tour must be made in advance and tickets can be paid for before or on the day of the tour.

How to get to Marimurtra?

You can get to Marimurtra by bus by accessing the garden groups entrance (C / Jardí s / n). It is essential that you tell us if you will arrive with your bus (the address to park the bus is Carrer Cala Bona, 13). You can use this space to park as long as there is no other coach that requires it. According to the road authorities of the municipality of Blanes, only coaches with a maximum size of 12 meters can access. We also ask that the engines remain switched off at all times. You will find the complete route from the motorway exit to the group gate at the following link:

On foot, by bicycle or by car
  • From the center of Blanes, following the signs for the mountain above the port.
  • From Lloret, take the access road to the Costa Brava (Gi-682) in the direction of the Blanes Regional Hospital and follow the signs that lead to the Garden.
With the tourist train
  • From Plaza Catalunya in Blanes and stops right in front of the entrance to the Botanical Garden. Check the schedules and prices at For reservations and more information: +34 93 561 20 00 or

Rules in Marimurtra

The Marimurtra Botanical Garden is an open-air museum with a lot of plant diversity of great botanical interest. The visit must at all times be as respectful as possible of the integrity and well-being of the plants.
Check Marimurtra’s rules of use and conduct here.

Map of the Garden

By clicking here you can download the garden map in PDF format to consult it from any electronic device.

Is prior reservation required?

Yes. In order to make the group reservation, you must fill in the following form:

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    Visit without guideWelcome to Marimurtra + Visit without guideGuided tour 90 min Discover Marimurtra
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    Respect the Garden

    Maintaining a private botanical garden is a challenge, but it is possible thanks to people who trust us and believe in our cause. Help us keep Carl Faust’s work alive so that all visitors can continue to enjoy it as they have until now. Caring for nature and respecting the environment is everyone’s job.