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What is a canon?

Imatges canon marimurtra (1)

At the Marimurtra Botanical Garden we apply this canon when photographs are taken for personal and private use with a purpose other than visiting the Garden. The most common cases are reports of weddings, communions, baptisms, social media sessions, etc. Or any other group that meets the requirements described above.


Price conditions

Imatges canon marimurtra (1)

  • 2024: 145 € (VAT included): The entrance of the photographers (1 or 2 photographers + 1 videographer) + 2 people. The price of each extra person (max. 4) is 9 € (exempt from VAT).
  • The right to take photos in all accessible and public areas of the garden. No space exclusive.
  • Price within the opening hours to the public of Marimurtra. Check schedules here.
  • Make a single payment in cash or card upon arrival at Marimurtra.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to restrict the access of visitors to all accessible and public areas of the garden.


Use of drones?

The state law of the AESA establishes very clearly the limitations of the use of drones in public spaces. That is why whenever you want to fly a drone in the grounds of the Marimurtra Botanical Garden it is necessary:

  • Having notified in advance of the presence of one of these devices.
  • Provide the official drone pilot card, issued by the AESA.
  • Provide certification of being in possession of the relevant civil liability insurance.

Imatges canon marimurtra (1)

he legislation does not allow recording in public spaces where there are 2 or more people. That is why it is totally forbidden to record with drones during the opening hours to the public of the Marimurtra Botanical Garden and in areas open to the public. To record with a drone inside Marimurtra it is necessary to have the express permission of the Garden’s management. In case of not having this authorization, the Carl Faust Foundation reserves the right to take legal action against whoever makes such illegitimate use of its facilities.


Other fees and events

Imatges canon marimurtra (1)

If you want to hold another event such as an exclusive hand request, a shooting, or a celebration it is necessary to contact to receive a personalized quote for each request.

At the entrance of the Marimurtra Botanical Garden you can only hire the photographic canon.


Terms and Conditions

It is absolutely prohibited:

  • Get out of the spaces where you can walk, climb and lean over railings and natural and architectural elements of all kinds and in particular the Linné Temple.
  • The celebration of any act, event or ceremony not expressly described in these conditions.
  • Launch rockets or pyrotechnic elements of any kind.
  • Enter alcoholic beverages.
  • Throw the remains of cigarettes, cigars or tobacco on the ground or in flower beds. Therefore, smoking is only allowed in spaces designated for this purpose and as long as there are ashtrays within reach.
  • Throwing rice, artificial petals, confetti or any other item that is not expressly approved by the JBMiM management.
  • Access the JBMiM with animals, including pets, with the exception of assistance dogs -Law 19/2009, of November 26- with the corresponding health documentation.
  • Access the JBMiM with objects that can alter the living plant collection such as bicycles, skates, scooters, balls, canes…
  • Flying drones within the limits of the Marimurtra Botanical Garden without the corresponding authorization from the aeronautical authority. In accordance with current legislation and AESA regulations regarding the pilot’s license, civil liability insurance, among others, these devices cannot be operated for any purpose (or record images, or take photographs, etc.) and Only with this express authorization will its use be authorized by those responsible for the Carl Faust Private Foundation.
  • The authorization to fly a drone in the Marimurtra Botanical Garden does not give, in any case, permission to fly over other neighboring private properties, much less to take still or video images.


Reservation request

This request does not formalize the reservation, it is a request. We will confirm the reservation by mail after receiving this duly completed form.


    Telephone contact:

    Origin (city):

    Purpose of the report:

    Depending on the reason or the characteristics, a personalized budget will need to be made.

    Number of photographers:

    Number of videographers:

    Number of extra companions:

    Will you take a drone?
    If so, it is necessary to attach:
    - Valid drone pilot license on the canon date:
    - Civil liability insurance:


    Hour (consult the opening hours of the Garden here):

    How will the fee be paid?

    Do you have any comments or requests?