Photographic uses

What is a Photography Tax?

A photography tax is levied when the Marimurtra Botanical Garden is not used in a private manner, that is, when all the pictures that have been taken and the video footage that has been recorded during the visit are intended for purposes differing from a private use.

What are the most common cases?
Reports of weddings, first communions, baptisms, Wedding Proposals, Instagramer sessions, etc. or any other groups who meet the aforementioned requirements.

Rate: €95 (VAT included)
It includes: admission for 1 photographer (professional or not) + 3 people.
Every extra person of the group: €7
The photography tax entitles you to take pictures in any of the accessible areas of the garden, which will not be closed to the public.

What is a shooting?

It is a use of the Botanical Garden differing from a private visit. It implies that a professional will take pictures or record videos for commercial uses.

What is a commercial use?
Public dissemination of the images.
Use in catalogues, brochures and any other corporate communications materials.
Any use by which the image of Marimurtra enhances the image of who is carrying out the shooting.

This service can only be made with reservation and previous budget by contacting

At the entrance of the Marimurtra Botanical Garden you can only hire the photographic canon service. For any other contract, you must first contact the Commercial Department:

Use of Drones

ESA’s state law clearly establishes the limits to the uses of drones in public spaces. Therefore, every time the use of a drone will be requested within the Marimurtra Botanical Garden, it will be necessary to:
• Notify it before the presence of one of these aircrafts will be detected.
• Present an official pilot’s license for drones issued by ESA.
• Furnish certification of the corresponding civil liability insurance.
The law does not allow images to be recorded in public spaces where there are two or more people. Therefore, recording with drones in areas open to the public during the opening hours of the Marimurtra Botanical Garden is absolutely prohibited.
Express permission of the Management is required to record images with drones inside the Marimurtra Botanical Garden.
In case of not having the requested permission, the Carl Faust Foundation reserves the right to take legal action against those unlawfully using the garden’s facilities.

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