Peruvian flora acclimatization project

The Marimurtra Botanical Garden aims to contribute to the reproduction of Peruvian flora, a group of endangered species in the tropical dry forest of Peru.

The first step has been to study the adaptation and conservation of some species with different origins, from the Pacific coast of Peru to the western side of the Andes. These are areas highly threatened by overexploitation and urban growth. In addition, much of the conservation work focuses on the eastern side of the Andes, where the Amazon rainforest is located, largely neglecting research and study for the conservation of species in the western area.

The main objective of the project in the Marimurtra Botanical Garden is to acclimatize some of these drought-resistant plants in the Mediterranean basin, with the aim of achieving the survival of these species in the Mediterranean climate, observing their growth to lead to term the whole life cycle: germinate, bloom and give seeds. This will allow us to study these plants and carry out various tasks of conservation and dissemination of Peruvian flora as well as offer the opportunity to enjoy these species relevant to such fragile ecosystems.

While working on this main goal, steps are also being taken in other directions, such as:
Raise awareness of the importance of these habitats and draw the attention of the European and international public to their conservation.
To highlight the potential that these species can offer, both in terms of landscape and ecological and economic level.

Project features

Current situation: The first tests of germination and reproduction have been carried out with important successes in some species at the level of care inside the greenhouses. Some species have already begun to be planted in open areas of the Marimurtra Botanical Garden.

Target: to advance in the tests of germination and reproduction, as well as the plantation in open zones of the Garden to observe his adaptation to the Mediterranean climate. Generate a bank of seeds from these plants so that Marimurtra becomes a repository of these species that guarantees their survival and survival.

Request € 4,500 over 3 years


  • Mention to the Board of Patrons at the entrance
  • Mention on the poster / s identifying the areas subject to the action
  • Communication through the Foundation’s channels: Post on the blog, mention in the Newsletter, Social Networks (6 annual mentions)
  • Exclusive guided tour of the improved areas for 10 guests of the patron
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