Autumn in Marimurtra

The spirit of autumn has flowed over Marimurtra with earthy colors, oranges and reds. Some species stand out over the rest in this season of the year.

A botanical garden is a living museum, which is transformed with each season, with autumn being one of the most special. The transformation of a species is part of its life cycle, and seeing the process of changing through the seasons is an enriching experience ; highly recommended! Below we present some of the most outstanding species from this autumn.

Cycas revoluta is a very majestic coniferous species. Did you know that cycads are one of the most ancient groups of plants on Earth? They existed with the dinosaurs. Within this female cone, the seeds of the plant are hidden. Beware the leaves, they are very sharp – discouraging even for a hungry dinosaur.

Murtra (Myrthus communis)Myrtle (Myrtus communis) and strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo) are splendid with their fruits. In Marimurtra, seeing the fruits of these two species is a clear symbol that Autumn has arrived. Both fruits are edible, but beware of strawberry tree ones, they say that if you eat too many you can get drunk!
Did you know that Marimurtra took its name from the Myrtle?

Protea neriifoliaOne of the most prominent blooms of this month is Protea neriifolia, noted for the hairs it has on the ends of its petals. This wonderful flower is used to complement bridal bouquets, as it adds a lot of personality.

Finally, autumn is the beginning time in which many species of palm trees bear fruit. If walking through Marimurtra, you smell a very sweet aroma, most likely it will be wafting from piles of fruits that have fallen from the palms.
Those are some of different flavors and colors, awaiting your visit to the Autumn Garden.