Marimurtra Botanical Garden, the protagonist of an episode of the second season of Healing gardens, a Canadian documentary series about gardens around the world

Healing Gardens is a documentary series from Vision TV, (Zoomer Television) a Canadian network, which explores the transformative capabilities of gardens. The fifth episode of this season was recorded during the spring of this year at the Marimurtra Botanical Garden.

In the episode, Charlie Dobbin, the host of the show, interviews different people who interact with Marimurtra to learn about their relationship with the Garden and how they fall in love with it.

First of all, he talks to expert ornithologist and environmental consultant Pere Alzina, who explains his task of inventorying and studying the birds that fly over Marimurtra.

The director general of the Carl Faust Private Foundation, Josep Borrell, is also interviewed. The founder of the Garden, Carl Faust, created the Foundation to ensure the continuity of his work and, in the documentary, Borrell explains how the botanical management is in this privileged place and some of the main projects of the Garden, projects that promote the dissemination, conservation and research of botany.

Anna Sans, head of the Dissemination Department of the Carl Faust Foundation, explains how the Garden is conceived as an ecosystem in which not only plant species interact, but there is a large network of relationships between insects, birds, mammals, plants , etc.; and how important it is to take care of all these relationships.

The botanist’s master gardener, Jordi Fàbregas, talks about the distribution of the Garden and how they conceive their maintenance task for the more than 4,000 species from all over the world that live together in Marimurtra.

Finally, you can enjoy some short clips with extra content on the website of the documentary, among which there is an interview with Christopher Witty, one of the members of the board of trustees of the Carl Faust Foundation, who has a great passion for nature and, he affirms, that “he often understands plants better than humans”.

The documentary can be viewed here:

The Carl Faust Private Foundation was created in 1951 by Carl Faust. Among its founding objectives are “…the protection and promotion of studies in Mediterranean biology, especially in botany, […] seeking cooperation and international relations for the benefit, all in all, of scientific research and dissemination…” .

The Marimurtra Botanical Garden is classified as a Cultural Asset of National Interest and in 2009 the Carl Faust Private Carl Foundation was awarded the Sant Jordi Cross from the Generalitat de Catalunya.