In this page you will soon find information about the volunteership programmes available in the Carl Faust Private Foundation and Marimurtra Botanical Garden.

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Solidarity Seeds in Marimurtra | Fundació Carl FaustWhere? Marimurtra Botanical Garden, Blanes
Catalonia, Spain

ESC project (8 months) 1.10.19 / 31.05.20

Stay from 4.11.19 to  30.04.20 (6 months)

1 project – 2 vacancies for youth form the European Union

Solidarity seeds in Marimurtra. An opportunity to grow together in a Botanical Garden

Project context
The Carl Faust Foundation is responsible for the management and ongoing development of the Marimurtra Botanical Garden, keeping the fundamental objectives of the Garden alive and working. The Foundation was created in 1952 by German philanthropist Carl Faust, who starting in 1918, created the Marimurtra Botanical Garden.

In the present times, Marimurtra Botanical Garden aims to be again a milestone for everyone interested in Botany. We start anew joining this international cooperation program, following the traces of its own past history.

The activities of a botanical garden are not limited to a collection of plants and its preservation. There are other, more social activities which have positive impacts beyond the garden itself.

For example, one of the agreed functions of a botanical garden is to educate and disseminate information about the importance of the plant world, the benefits that it brings to us all, and how gardens shelter additional local biodiversity from the surrounding area.

Marimurtra Botanical Garden annually receives over 120.000 visitors, from different nationalities. Communicating with this social diversity, whether actively or passively, involves significant attention to social relationships.

The volunteer project takes into account not only the sustainable conservation of the collection of plants but also the tasks related to climate change research, dissemination and education and social movements that arise, offering multiple learning opportunities and formation perfectly framed in the objectives of the Solidarity Corps.

The long-term objective of the project is to promote and consolidate international volunteering in both the Foundation, and particularly in the Botanical Garden, in accordance with the founding objective of playing a role in international cooperation. Creating a quality volunteering project at Marimurtra is an important aspect of achieving this.

Given all of the above, the short term objectives of the project are:

To provide knowledge and learning outcomes that help young people to increase work competencies regarding:

  •       Importance of Biodiversity to the wider society
  •       Environmental threats: identification and communication; sustainable mitigation and control techniques
  •       Education and Dissemination: transmitting the importance of botanical diversity, and the roles played by plants in ecological sustainability and society
  •       Plant Cultivation: sustainable techniques
  •       Communication and Dissemination: skills to inform and engage with people from different nationalities
  •       Improve language skills (Multilingualism)
  •       Strengthen competences in social cohesion: building and contributing to ‘communities of concern’ and ‘communities of practice’ which facilitate a creative exchange of energies, ideas and other resources among those who are concerned for our collective environment and seeking to make a positive impact upon our common future resilience. 
  •       This holds true for everyone, but particularly for younger people who are inheriting the present condition of our world. Facilitate Communication in a diversity of social and professional contexts.

The activity of the project includes 4 major sections as follows:

  1. Sustainable conservation
  2. Dissemination and Education
  3. Climate change research
  4. Formation

These sections include activities such as learning applied techniques for sustainable and ecological treatments of plants, learning to communicate to different kind of social, cultural and professional communities, collecting data to be able to perform climate change research,etc.

All share the goal of learning the value of respecting nature, the environment and its relationship to societal challenges. They build awareness of the importance to conserve nature by using sustainable techniques in order to reduce our environmental footprint and the consumption of non renewable resources. 


The volunteers will be accomodated in Blanes. The flat is next to the Botanical garden (5 min walking N) in the city center, they can easily get to the Blanes main beach and a bus station. Each volunteer will have his/her own room and they’ll share the common areas.

Money will be given to the volunteers every month to cover accommodation, food expenses and pocket money through bank transfer. Volunteers will have support to open a national account, get the NIE as well as know the town and its important spots such as medical centre, police, post office specially during the first days of the stay.

This project is coordinated by the Fundació Privada Carl Faust. You will be in touch with your sending organisation and us during all the application process and during your stay in the Botanical Garden. Administrative and financial terms of the project are organized by Fundació Privada Carl Faust. Administrative and preparation terms before the volunteers arrive are still to be set as by now we don’t have a partner sending organisation.
Application: To consider your application complete we would like from you to fill the form posted in our website ( and a motivation letter with your interests and motivations to join the project through the sending organisation.