The Marimurtra Botanical Garden received a total of 123.068 people in 2018

Increase the number of visitors in 1,054 people compared to 2017, the year that recorded the best data since 2003

The Marimurtra Botanical Garden, in Blanes, has received a total of 123,068 people in 2018. Of these visitors, 115,969 visited the Garden, 1,421 came to perform some events (wedding, company event, etc.), 4,788 are school public and the remaining 890 came to the concerts of Les Nits de Marimurtra.

These data show a positive stability in the influx of annual visitors to the Garden. Of all the months of the year, the busiest one has been in August, with 22,516 visitors, which represents 18% of the total annual public. And the month with the lowest influx was in January, with 934 visitors. However, slight seasonality is seen in the second quarter, from March to June, while falling in the fourth quarter, from September to October.

The most prominent visitor group that Marimurtra has received in 2018 remains the public of French origin, which goes from 21% (2017) to 25% of the total public; followed by Catalan that this year drops from 21% (2017) to 20%. The rest of European audiences that have been increased have been mainly those of Germany, Poland and the United Kingdom, but the public of Russia, Holland, Belgium and the one of the rest of the Spanish State decrease.

The visit to the Marimurtra Botanical Garden, one of the only two in Catalonia and the only one on the Costa Brava, continues to present very high seasonal data. For this reason, one of the main objectives of the Carl Faust Foundation will continue to be to work to seasonalize the tourist activity of visiting the Garden, as well as keeping the number of annual visitors stable. In this regard, the Carl Faust Foundation continues to prepare a series of actions to make the visit more attractive during the months that fall outside the high season and keep the calendar of activities in Marimurtra active throughout the year.

The Carl Faust Foundation, owner and manager of the Marimurtra Botanical Garden, values ​​these figures very positively in a context of recovery of tourism in Catalonia and the Costa Brava in particular. Also in the revitalization of an interest in the most iconic and significant places in our house, among which Marimurtra stands out, a playful and cultural proposal with a great botanical and scenic interest.

The Carl Faust Foundation is a private non-profit foundation that received the Cross of Sant Jordi of the Generalitat de Catalunya in 2009. The Marimurtra Botanical Garden is classified as a Cultural Good of National Interest by the Generalitat of Catalonia.