Farewell to volunteers Sophie and Henrike

Sophie and Henrike are two girls from Germany who decided to volunteer after finishing high school and before deciding on the first steps towards their future career. Through the European Solidarity Corps they found the Green Future project, carried out in collaboration between the Carl Faust Foundation and Naturkultur, e.V., a German entity based in Bremen.

In this project, the volunteers help sustainably conserve the plant collection of the Marimurtra Botanical Garden, while participating in tasks related to research and the dissemination work of the Botanic through participation in a wide range of ‘activities. At the same time that they have integrated perfectly into the Marimurtra team, they have lived an immersive experience in Catalan culture by participating in meetings and parties, as well as traveling to Spanish cities, with the desire to discover other places and ways of doing things.

After 9 months, it was time to say goodbye to them and thank them. We thank them for devoting their time to us, and above all for showing so much interest and always being ready to learn countless things, with the hope that this experience will leave a very positive impression on them.

On behalf of the entire Marimurtra team, thank you!

Reports Henrike:
1 https://www.naturkultur.eu/henrike-spanien-1/
2 https://www.naturkultur.eu/henrike-spanien-2/
3 https://www.naturkultur.eu/henrike-spanien-3/

Reports Sophie:
1 https://www.naturkultur.eu/sophie-spanien-1/
2 https://www.naturkultur.eu/sophie-spanien-2/