Volunteer program 2021/22 in Marimurtra

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This week we welcome two international volunteers belonging to the European Solidarity Corps program.

Two international volunteers from the European Solidarity Corps join the Marimurtra Botanical Garden

Two new volunteers have recently joined Marimurtra. They come from Germany and are part of the “Volunteers for a Green Future” project, coordinated together with the German organization Naturkultur, e.V. and part of the European Solidarity Corps program.

The Carl Faust Private Foundation, the host organization for this project, owner and manager of the Marimurtra Botanical Garden, is hosting two volunteers from the European Solidarity Corps from October 1st to June. This European program aims to offer young people the opportunity to participate in volunteer projects that benefit the host community, as well as provide them with high-level non-formal learning.

During their stay, the volunteers take part in garden activities related to sustainable conservation, education and scientific dissemination and applied research carried out in Marimurtra. In addition, thanks to the collaboration with the Consortium for Linguistic Normalization (CNL), volunteers will participate in a basic level Catalan course to facilitate their integration in our country.

This is the third time that Marimurtra participates in the ESC program by hosting volunteers, thus continuing the presence of international volunteers at its facilities in a program linked to the already consolidated European Union.