The Nomad Blackboards Project, Marimurtra’s mobile blackboards

Welcome to “The Nomad Blackboards Project” at the Marimurtra Botanical Garden—an innovative initiative aimed at highlighting specific aspects of the Garden through the lens of science. This scientific outreach project allows for the dissemination of certain species, botanical concepts, notable specimens, or prominent locations within Marimurtra in an educational manner, using a flexible format.

“The Nomad Blackboards Project” consists of placing boards with significant content along the Garden, starting with a few boards and the plan to increase their number over time. We seek to integrate scientific knowledge with the natural beauty that surrounds us, without excessively altering the visual aspect of the Garden, offering a captivating experience for visitors.

The specific objectives of the project are to facilitate scientific education, highlight the importance of biodiversity, foster curiosity, and forge meaningful connections between visitors and the natural world. This initiative uses a flexible system that allows for periodic updates and content renewal, ensuring that the project remains dynamic, fresh, and relevant over time.

Each blackboard features a QR code—an interactive gateway to additional online information. By scanning the QR code, you’ll access supplemental knowledge, deepening your understanding of the scientific marvels and natural beauty that surround you.

Explore our online content to find not only more information but also, in some cases, scientific studies conducted on the highlighted topics. Join us on this scientific exploration as we use blackboards to present valuable information, share research findings, and create connections between the enchanting world of the Botanical Garden and the fascinating realms of science.

This project has been undertaken in collaboration with European volunteers, enriching the educational experience not only for our visitors but also for the volunteers themselves. Their dedication and contribution have played a vital role in bringing this project to life, fostering a vibrant exchange of ideas and perspectives. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to these volunteers, whose involvement has added a layer of depth and diversity to “The Nomad Blackboard Project.”