Tribute to Francis Hallé

50th Anniversary of Plant Architecture

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the publication of the first writings of Hallé and Oldeman on the architecture of plants, Sello Arboleda and the Carl Faust Foundation (Marimurtra Botanical Garden) present a series of events of homage and recognition to one of the great figures of contemporary botany.

These activities are designed both to disseminate the content of Francis Hallé’s research and research among the general public as well as the technical and expert in the field. That is why different types of proposals adapted to different levels of botanical knowledge are offered.


Exhibition ’50 years of The architecture of plants

The exhibition, open to all audiences aims to be a tour and tribute to the botanist F. Hallé with the excuse of the 50th anniversary of the publication of the book L’Architecture et la dynamique de growth des arbres tropicaux (Hallé & Oldeman) also collecting some of the successes of his professional career in the study of tropical plants and forests.

Some of the explanatory panels include his biography and editorials, focusing on some of his most representative works such as The canopy pond, the film Il était une forêt and his new project Pour la forêt primarie.

The other panels accompany the visitor in explaining the foundations and principles of plant architecture, as well as the 24 tree models currently defined, and invite you to view some of these models in front of the specimen located in the Marimurtra Botanical Garden .

This exhibition can be seen and visited along the route of the Botanical Garden through a series of explanatory panels located in front of some of the most outstanding tree specimens in Marimurtra.

Download the exhibition leaflet in pdf by clicking here

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Technical conference

Drawing workshop with one of the great masters of the study of trees.


9.30Welcome and accreditations
10:00Home workshop: conference ‘The architecture of plants’
11:30Home classroom drawing workshop
14:30Drawing workshop in the Garden
16:00Review classroom drawing workshop
17:30End of drawing workshop
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