Science Week 2021 in Marimurtra

Over the last two weekends, there have been a lot of science-related activities at the Marimurtra Botanical Garden.

Setmana de la Ciència 2021 | Jardí Botànic Marimurtra

On November 12 and 13 we had the presence of the illustrious botanist Francis Hallé who gave two lectures (“The intelligence of plants” and “The architecture of trees”) and a practical drawing workshop based in the models of arboreal architecture that he himself has defined over more than 50 years of profession.

Its presence in Marimurtra responds, precisely, to the acts of homage to the half century of dedication to botany that Sello Arboleda wants to put in value through the visit to different points of botanical interest, the first of which has been the Garden Marimurtra Botanist.

A new edition of ‘Marimurtra + Científic’ was held on November 20, a one-morning activity in which some of the most important scientific activities of the Marimurtra Botanical Garden are presented. This year has focused on volunteer programs, plant extracts, herbarium, seed bank and the Mosquito Alert project. About twenty people attended this activity which combined the exhibition parts with the practices. In other words, in addition to learning about the different initiatives, it was also possible to make a small herbarium, practice the choice of seeds and get to know first hand the spaces where the natural extracts that make up the Marimurtra Botanical Garden are made.
Finally, on November 21, there was a free guided tour on scientific topics entitled ‘The biodiversity of Marimurtra’. This visit, lasting more than an hour, was designed to provide information on the main aspects of environmental management in Marimurtra. The more than 20 participants who were part of it were able to get to know first hand the programs for the production of plant extracts, the production of compost and natural fertilizer, the inventories of birds and insects, etc.

Once again, the Marimurtra Botanical Garden has taken part in Science Week, offering its visitors the opportunity to enjoy an enriching, scientific and fun experience.

  • Setmana de la Ciència | Jardí Botànic Marimurtra
    Francis Hallé a Marimurtra