We celebrate St. Jordi Day at the Marimurtra

Sant Jordi Marimurtra

The April 23th is celebrated in Catalonia as St. Jordi, a Catalan festival where roses and books become the protagonists.

It is celebrated in honor of Sant Jordi, the patron saint of Catalonia. Legend has it that Saint George defeated a dragon to save a princess and, from the spilled blood, a red rose emerged which he gave to the princess. Since then, giving a red rose to Sant Jordi has become a tradition to express love.

At Marimurtra you can enjoy a special day surrounded by nature while taking part in the tradition of exchanging books. The custom of giving books to Sant Jordi originated in 1923, when Book Day was established in tribute to two great writers: Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare, who died on the same date in 1616. Since then, Catalans celebrate this holiday by buying and giving away books, making it a very special literary day.

You can bring your book and exchange it for another, or choose the one you like best. See you on Sant Jordi at the Marimurtra Botanical Garden! Happy Book Day and Happy Sant Jordi!