The Carl Faust Foundation presents the first issue of El Jardí d’Epicur, the magazine of academic and informative articles of the Jardí Botànic Marimurtra

This is the first online publication of the Foundation’s own publishing house, Edicions de Marimurtra

The Garden of Epicurus offers a deep and reflective look at the results and knowledge generated in this “Epicurean Republic of biologists” (in Carl Faust’s own words) created a century ago. The publication highlights the importance of contemporary science which, apart from enriching botanical knowledge, also has a social impact and improves society in general.

The magazine presents a combination of scientific and informative articles, reflecting the continuous development of the Garden and its adaptation to the new times. With this publication, we seek not only to share knowledge, but also to show that Faust’s garden, as an epicurean garden, remains alive and evolving, just as its founder would have liked.

The publication wants to be seen as another of the productions and creations of gardeners, scientists and science lovers around the Costa Brava Botanical Garden. A tool to transmit scientific reflection, the deepening of botanical knowledge and the dissemination of all this knowledge that arises as another fruit of Marimurtra.

The publication can be consulted for free online at

The Carl Faust Foundation was created in 1951 by the founder of the Marimurtra Botanical Garden, Carl Faust, with the aim of continuing his work. Among its founding objectives are “…the protection and promotion of studies in Mediterranean biology, especially in botany, […] seeking cooperation and international relations for the benefit, all in all, of scientific research and dissemination…” .

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