Sustainable and local products in Marimurtra

In the Marimurtra Botanic Garden shop you will find a wide variety of products, from the part of the charity shop with products from Intermon Oxfam, to the sale of plants from Marimurtra’s own collection which are a magnificent detail like as a souvenir of the visit to the Garden, and zero kilometer products.

One of our star products is the flower honey from the apiary of the Marimurtra Botanical Garden, made by the thousands of bees that live in the Garden. These live in Marimurtra hives and fly over the whole Garden collecting pollen from different species from all over the world. That is why this honey is enigmatic and unique since it is impossible to find out exactly which flowers its honey is from.

The store also supports local artisans, as is the case with Laviret, a Blanes company that produces different types of drinks. Among its range of products, Can Ballena ratafia stands out, made with natural products from the area, such as green walnuts and fresh aromatic plants collected in Blanes; and the myrtle liqueur made with murtrons harvested in the Garden from the same plant that gives its botanical name, the myrtle (Myrthus communis).

This is also the case with Ses Vernes, specialists in artisan cavas made with Blanes grapes. In the shop you can buy two of their varieties of cava.

The purchase of local products favors the reduction of the footprint, since the costs and negative effects of transport and distribution are minimal. In addition, it is a circular economy clearing which, in other words, means that it helps to promote the local economy and to support the producers of the area.

Visit Marimurtra and take a piece of our land with you!

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