Welcome by Jordi Xena, Chairman of the Carl Faust Foundation

The Carl Faust Foundation, which I have the honour of chairing, is a very special institution- heir to a tradition in which people with initiative were entrusted to do whatever seemed relevant using their own merits, skills and resources.

We are the intellectual heirs of Carl Faust, who in 1924 decided to launch his grand project of creating a scientific institution – a botanical garden in Blanes, on the Costa Brava- to enable significant botanical investigation of plants which, otherwise, would require traveling to the other side of the world.

Faust poured all his energy, passion, knowledge and heritage into the Marimurtra Botanical Garden. Now, well into the twenty-first century, it is our responsibility to continue his work, to protect his legacy and refresh his standing in our memories.

Faust was a visionary. In many ways he was ahead of his time since he established a system for continuing the Foundation, which he created a year before his death, which allowed it to persist despite the greyness of those years. This system enabled Marimurtra to continually benefit from positive influences happening elsewhere in the world, and from the progress being made in other countries.

Today, we gather to continue working in this spirit, to continue building the story and great interest of Marimurtra Botanical Garden. And in alignment with today’s needs, to build, little by little, with dedication, rigour and breadth of vision, a tool that allows us to relate to the world, a means to share the attributes and values of Marimurtra with our network, and to capture the interest, energy and knowledge of botany and science generated in our society.

I invite you to walk through our website for yourself, and not only as a one-way communication channel. Communicate your interests, what you like, what motivates you, and what you miss. A website is also a living structure, constantly growing, and we want this to be a spine for the Marimurtra Botanical Garden, which will provide content for an enriching relationship for all who love science, botany and Marimurtra.

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