Amira Benali | Biotechnology Internship in Marimurtra

Every year the Carl Faust Foundation welcomes different internship students to the Marimurtra Botanical Garden who carry out the practical learning part of their studies.

In this case, Amira Benali, student of the Degree in Biotechnology at the University of Girona, explains to us what her internship at the Garden has consisted of.

Basically, he has been working with plant extracts. In the Marimurtra Botanical Garden, no chemical products have been used to carry out treatments for 6 years. Instead, plant extracts are used. As Amira says ‘…healing plants from plants‘.

During her stay, Amira has been able to observe in the short term the effects and changes in the horticultural species on which the treatments have been applied, in order to see in which cases their application benefited the plant. In addition, the species with which the Marimurtra Botanical Garden makes the extracts, nettle, horsetail, bora and solan, are grown in the same garden.