The Board of Trustees of the Carl Faust Foundation incorporates three new members

They took possession of their position at the last meeting of this body, last February 23rd

The Foundation’s Board of Trustees incorporated three new members at its last plenary meeting. The three new patterns are:

Jennifer Witty-Che, MsC (Barcelona, ​​1970), is a biologist specialized in Ecology, Bsc from the University of Norwich, and Master in Conservation Biology, Msc from the University of Kent, both in England. She has experience in Environmental Outreach at different universities, especially the American University, Yola, Nigeria, and accumulates different academic and work activities in the United States and the United Kingdom, where the link with the Durrell Wildlife Preservation Trust stands out.

Teresa Garnatje (1960) is a doctor in Botany specialized in Cytogenetic and Evolutionary aspects in addition to the Phylogeny or Evolutionary History of plants.
As a researcher and principal researcher, she has developed a good part of her career at the CSIC and the Botanical Institute of Barcelona, ​​where she was director from 2015 to 2022.

Rafel Ferrer (Blanes, 1973) has a degree in Business Management and Administration, he completed a degree at the University of Staffordshire (BA in Business and Administration). Master in Marketing and Commercial Management for Esade and post-graduate studies in Digital Transformation in the specialization Course in Customer Value Management at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

The Board of Trustees of the Carl Faust Foundation is the body that governs it. According to its statutes, the maximum number of members is 13, a number that has already been reached with these three recent additions.

Precisely, by virtue of these statutes the board of trustees of the Carl Faust Foundation must at all times be composed of members of at least four nationalities, a condition now fulfilled by having members of Spanish nationality (8), German (2 ), British (2) and Swiss (1).

  • Rafel Ferrer
  • Teresa Garnatje
  • Jennifer Witty
    Jennifer Che Witty