Marimurtra continues to develop its sustainable gardening practices; now preparing its own fermented organic fertilizer:  Bokashi

The word Bokashi is Japanese, meaning fermented organic matter. It’s a type of fertilizer produced by aerobic fermentation of organic materials, via heat generated during decomposition.

Josep Sauleda presented this innovative method of preparing fertilizer by Jairo Restrepo to the last meeting of ‘Bad Gardeners of Marimurtra’, and with his help, we have applied it to the Gardens.
This biological fertilizer promotes self-sufficiency through the use of what nature itself provides, without requiring any chemical additives. In this way, a natural, ecological and sustainable fertilizer is ensured that enriches the soil biologically, transforming it from an inert substrate to a fertile, living soil.

In order to produce the Bokashi for Marimurtra, the following ingredients have been used: heather remains and rice husk flour as carbon sources; chicken manure from our resident flock of Catalan heritage chickens, cow dung; and ordinary garden soil, clay and rock meal.
Water with beet-sugar molasses is added until a homogeneous mixture results. Then it is covered with a tarpaulin and allowed to ferment. Since it is an aerobic process it must be stirred often to keep it oxygenated.
The fermentation is relatively rapid, taking between 15 and 20 days. It’s a fast-performing fertilizer that provides a large quantity of microorganisms to the soil.