PATT session| “How to improve soil life and plant health in gardens”

Conference on soil fertility (held on April 29, 2021)

– Day: April 29, 2021
– Online conference. – Organized by: Department of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food of the Generalitat de Catalunya
– Collaboration: Carl Faust Foundation / Zero Fitos Group

Deepen the importance of soil health and fertility to ensure the health of plants and, in return, the overall health of people and the planet. This is an issue that is becoming increasingly relevant in the public debate as the failure of plant management policies based on the use of biocides and products that, once introduced into the life cycle, end up causing great damage. outstanding globally, both in health and in the environment.

The day is part of the set of the PATT Conference, aimed at explaining in a very practical way the different techniques to deepen the health of the soil, such as padding, composting, the use of manure, Bocashi, extracts vegetables, bio-stimulants with forest compost, Biochar or BRF, among others. Therefore, one of the objectives of the session is to concretize these techniques for gardening and not so much for agriculture, which is the area where more work has been done so far. In other words, the aim of the day is to have a marked practical nature. It will be led by Jordi Fàbregas, master gardener at the Marimurtra Botanical Garden, and will be attended by the pioneer gardener of soil fertility Josep Sauleda, accompanied by Josep Ramon Sainz de la Maza, one of the great experts in regenerative agriculture in our country.

The Carl Faust Private Foundation was created in 1951 by the German businessman and philanthropist Carl Faust, with the aim of continuing his work. Its founding objectives include “… the protection and promotion of Mediterranean biology studies, especially in botany, […] seeking cooperation and international relations for the benefit, all in all, of scientific research and dissemination…” .

In this sense, the active participation in informative and formative days like this is an action totally aligned with the foundational aims of the Foundation Carl Faust.