INS Serrallarga makes a community service that has improved the state of the Marimurtra Botanical Garden forest

Thanks to this action, invasive plants have been removed and nest boxes have been installed to control invasive pests that live in trees

The students of the INS Serrallarga de Blanes have, for three days, made a community service at the Marimurtra Botanical Garden in Blanes. The aim of this initiative is for ESO students to work as a team, learn about various species of flora and fauna and, at the same time, collaborate in improving the state of conservation of the forest using various techniques.</ p>

To carry it out, the 119 students were divided into groups with the following challenges: cataloging species, extracting invasive plants, arranging paths, communication and biodiversity. In the latter group, the task consisted of building nest boxes and installing them in strategic points in the trees to attract the birds that will control invasive pests.

The Publicity Manager of the Marimurtra Botanical Garden in Blanes, Anna Sans, has highlighted the importance of this type of project “at an educational and pedagogical level which, at the same time, improves the state of conservation of the forests that are owned by the garden “.

The project is subsidized by the Department of Sustainability and Climate Action of the Generalitat, coordinated by Xatrac, with the collaboration of Blanes City Council and the Marimurtra Botanical Garden.