Marimurtra Botanical Garden publishes Index Seminum 2023-2024 with 185 botanical taxa

The Index Seminum is a catalog that contains the available seeds. The one in Marimurtra, this year has 185 botanical taxa included in 53 families. As a novelty, this year highlights the presence of 32 traditional horticultural varieties (tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins…), most of them from Catalonia, the result of the research, conservation and dissemination objectives of the Botanical Garden.

This catalog is a network of connections between botanical gardens around the world, where research centers and universities are also linked. The objective of Index Seminum is to facilitate the free exchange of seeds between these centers to facilitate the conservation and study of plant species.
During 2023, the Marimurtra Botanical Garden published the Index Seminum with 175 taxa and 60 families, having made 33 shipments to 21 botanical gardens or research centers in 16 different countries, adding up a total of 290 batches of seeds.

Requests can be made through the form that can be found on the website, as well as consulting all the taxa and details of the Index Seminum del Jardín. Applications are accepted until April 30, 2024.

The Carl Faust Foundation was created in 1951 by the creator of the Marimurtra Botanical Garden, Carl Faust, with the aim of continuing his work. Among its founding objectives are “…the protection and promotion of Mediterranean biology studies, especially in botany […] seeking cooperation and international relations for the benefit, all of this, of scientific research and dissemination .. .”.