The most awaited bloom of the year in the Marimurtra Botanical Garden of the Costa Brava is now in full glory

Drossanthemum floribundum carpets the stone blocks bordering Marimurtra’s ‘Steps of Epicurus’ with a waterfall of pink.

The 81 Steps of Epicurus are one of the most significant constructions of Marimurtra, structured in 9 different levels of 9 steps each, the stairway is famed for tits majesty, for the stunning views provided, and for the color offered by the Drosanthemum during Spring. Due to its visual delight, Epicurus’ Steps during full flower has become one of the most representative images of the botanical garden on the Costa Brava.
Escales Epicur Marimurtra
Also known by the common name ‘Midday Flower’ or Queen’s Hair, this is a classic species because of the multitude of pink flowers it provides during its ephemeral flowering. Native to South Africa, and thus well adapted to wet winters and dry summers, it is commonly used in Meditarranean gardening as a living carpet. Drosanthemum’s leaves are covered with water cells and this makes them glisten as if dew-covered or freshly watered, the flowers are a pale pink color and unfortunately its flowering lasts approximately 3 weeks, between March and June. In addition, they are a great source of pollen collection by the pollinating bees of the Garden.
Drosanthemum Marimurtra

They are given the common name of ‘Midday Flower’, since they require a lot of sunlight to open up. Therefore, sunny days are ideal to enjoy this species, and especially when the sun is in its most perpendicular to the Earth, at noon. On cloudy and rainy days its flowers remain closed. The genus name Drosanthemum is derived from the Greek for dew, drosos, and flower, anthos, referring to the glittering appearance of many species. Their abundant flowering inspired another common name, ‘Queen’s Hair’, while the scientific name ‘floribundum’ is from the Latin for “many flowered”.

In addition to their botanical content interest, the Epicurus’ Steps mark the promise of love between two people. In the Marimurtra Botanical Garden weddings are held, and the spectacular descent of the bride takes place on these majestic stairs. It is a unique moment and the beginning of the path to the exclusive ceremony at the Temple of Linnaeus.