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Your safety is our priority 

The Marimurtra Botanical Garden is a safe space, but it is everyone’s responsibility to follow a series of measures to ensure the safety of all visitors and workers.

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I bought an on-line ticket or want to plan a visit to the Marimurtra Botanical Garden. Do I need to ask for day and time?
No. Whether tickets have been purchased online or at the Garden entrance, it is not necessary to book in advance.
Why is Marimurtra a safe space?

Segell-espai-segur-MarimurtraThe Marimurtra Botanical Garden is an outdoor space with more than 4 hectares that can be visited. This implies the constant circulation of air without stagnation. For this reason you can enjoy the nature of Marimurtra while breathing calmly. 

What measures should be taken into account during the visit to Marimurtra?

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There are some areas in the Garden where there is a greater tendency for people to gather in the same space, such as the Temple of Linnaeus or the Pergola.

The most important thing is to respect the safety distance with other visitors and avoid crowds.

Hygiene must also be kept in mind. Wash your hands with soap and water in the toilets. At the entrance / exit of the Garden you will find hydroalcoholic gel so you can disinfect your hands whenever you need to do so. In addition, the use of a mask is mandatory in all public spaces within the Garden. Do not use the toilets unless strictly necessary.

What security measures does Marimurtra provide to the visitor?

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At the entrance and exit of the Garden you will find hydroalcoholic gel so you can disinfect your hands whenever you need to do so. Although we also recommend that you wash them with soap and water in the toilets while respecting safety distance measures.

You will also find disposable gloves in the Marimurtra store. 

What changes are there in Marimurtra due to the Covid-19?
  • Capacity has been closed or restricted in spaces where visitors usually crowded as is our will to avoid congestion and respect the safety distance at all times. The areas where capacity is limited are properly signposted to warn visitors of space restrictions. 
  • It is recommended to download the map and brief guide of Marimurtra online to avoid physical contact. You can download it in the language you want by clicking the button below. 

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Can groups come to visit Marimurtra?

Whenever the regulations allow, groups can come to visit the Marimurtra Botanical Garden following the established safety and prevention measures at all times ( more information here ). For reservations for free or guided group visits, please send an email to marimurtra @ marimurtra, cat or call 972 33 08 26.

What are the benefits of visiting Marimurtra?

Visiting Marimrutra provides many benefits. Walking through Marimurtra is a great way to reconnect with nature and start the body’s mobility in a moderate way again. In addition, in Marimurtra you can travel across 5 continents thanks to its variety of species and the diversity of its landscapes, all without leaving neither Blanes nor the Costa Brava.

How does Marimurtra work to help fight Covid-19?

The biodiversity of species is a key factor in ensuring the natural balance on Earth. According to the UN, one million plant and animal species are currently endangered.
One of the main tasks of Marimurtra is to preserve the diversity of plant species to ensure their survival. Biodiversity also promotes the natural control of pests and their spread, as it hinders and prevents the transmission of pathogens. The degradation of the natural environment is closely linked to the emergence of new diseases, and from Marimurtra, we work to maintain and preserve the biodiversity of the species. If you want to help us reduce the human footprint in the natural world, please consider making a donation here.

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Is it possible to pay in cash and by bank card at the entrance of the Garden?

At the Marimurtra Botanical Garden store, payment in cash and by card is accepted, but in order to prevent contacts and maintain security measures, we recommend payment by card. If you prefer, you can also buy tickets online here.

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If you have any questions, you can send us an email to covid19 @