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FAQs for groups

Why is Marimurtra a wealthy and safe place?

Marimurtra Botanical GArden is an open aire facility with more than 40.000 m2 to visit. This means constant fresh air blowing. For that reason you can quitely breath as enjoying nature.

What measures must be kept while visiting Marimurtra Botanical Garden?

There are a few areas of the Garden where people tend to gather more than others, such as the Linneaus Pavilion or the Pergola.
It is very important to:
Keep the safety distance with the rest of the visitors and avoid agglomerations.
Wash your hands with water and soup in the toilettes
Use he hydro-alcoholic gel provided at every gates whenever necessary.
Facial mask are compulsory at all spaces of the Garden.

What safety measures Marimurtra Botanical Garden will provide to Groups?

There will be hydro-alcoholic gel provided at every gate of the Garden for group members. Despite that, we strongly recommend whashing ones hands with water and soup while respecting the safety distance in the toilettes.
We will also facilitate one-use gloves to be used in the shop.
Marimurtra Botanical Garden personnel will receive every group with all recommended safety measures.
The common spaces in the Garden, such as the shop, the bar or the toilettes, will be cleaned permanently to guarantee everyone’s safety.

What changes will there be in Marimurtra due to the COVID19 situation?
  • Spaces where people tend to crowd may be closed or restricted to the public. By avoiding agglomerations it is easier to keep the safety distance. These areas will be properly signaled to stress space restrictions to the visitors.
  • During the lock-down, Marimurtra Botanical Garden has kept the minimal maintenance services, that is why some areas may not be found in their optimal state. We appreciate your comprehension very much.
  • Capacity is limited to 70% of its capacity (500 people).
  • When a group enters Marimurtra Botanical Garden we provide a QR Code to download the map and brief guide of the Garden. If you prefer the printed map, we recommend you to indicate that purposely when dealing with the reservation.
  • We recommend not to use the public toilettes unless strictly necessary.
Where can the groups enter Marimurtra Botanical Garden?

Groups can preferably use the Groups Gate (bitly), located in the second garden. In case of arriving through the main gate (coming from Blanes on foot or with the Touristic Train), we recommend to give notice to the entrance staff to facilitate the access of the group and avoid agglomerations at the gate.

What safety measures will there be at the gates?
  • At every gate there will be exactly the same safety measures for groups as for individual visitors. :
    Hydro-alcoholic gel
  • Safety distance kept at all times
  • Facial mask compulsory whenever the safety distance can not be kept.
How many groups and people can Marimurtra Botanical Garden host?

Marimurtra Botanical Garden can host as many groups and visitors as legally allowed. At this moment, the total capacity of the Garden has been reduced to 185 people simultaneously.

Is temperature control performed at the entrance for group members?

Yes, both to the members of the group and their managers in order to ensure that everyone access Marimurtra in optimal security conditions.

How can be payments made?

Payment methods allowed include cash, but in order to avoid physical contact, we strongly recommend using credit card, preferably contactless. Bank transfers are also allowed for groups.

Why is visiting Marimurtra Botanical Garden beneficious after the COVID19 lock-down?

Visiting Marimurtra Botanical Garden can be beneficial in many ways. After the lock-down isolation, strolling Marimurtra is a great way to reconnect with Nature and re-initiate a moderate mobility of the body. Plus, in Marimurtra Botanical Garden you can travel through 5 continents thanks to its species variety and diversity of landscapes. Everything without leaving Blanes and the Costa Brava.

How does Marimurtra Botanical Garden work to help fighting against COVID19?

Biodiversity of species is a key factor in securing the natural balance of the planet. According to the UN, a million vegetal and animal species are in danger of extinction nowadays.
One of the main aims of Marimurtra is to preserve the diversity of vegetal species to ensure their survival. Biodiversity also favours the natural control of plagues and their propagation, as it makes it harder the transition of pathogens. Environmental degradation is closely related to the rising of new illnesses and, in Marimurtra we work to keep and preserve biodiversity of species. If you want to help us reducing our impact in the natural world, you can make a donation here.

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