Learn about the experience of the European volunteers in Marimurtra, Mia and Louisa

Mia and Louisa arrived in Marimurtra in October 2023. After two months of this international volunteering experience of the European Solidarity Corps program and living with the Botanical Garden, they tell us about their experience in the first person:

We are enjoying our first few weeks in Blanes to the fullest! We can now start working in the garden which is very exciting. We get on very well with the gardeners. Although we are still struggling with the language, we sometimes find a way to communicate and understand the jokes of the gardeners. Our tasks are mainly cutting plants such as palm trees and hedges, but also weeding and working with biological extracts for fertilization. In addition, we take care of the bird feeders and watch the birds in the garden.

Every Monday and Wednesday we visit the language school to learn Catalan and we can use it directly with the gardeners. This is very satisfying.

Due to the good weather lately, we often spend the afternoons on the beach enjoying the beautiful bays with less and less tourists. After discovering the urban center of Blanes, we were visited on the first weekend by a friend, who is currently staying in a village 40 km away. The three of us took a canoe trip to a nearby cove, which can only be done by boat and which we had already seen from the Botanical Garden. Also, they offered us the great opportunity to join the yoga class on Sundays at the botanical garden and we immediately decided to join the class weekly.

We also got in touch with eight very nice girls from Germany who are doing a year of volunteering in Tordera, which is very close to us. We met at the beach, had a picnic on the balcony and went to a climbing gym together. We also went to a Karaoke bar and participated in the city festival near the beach and visited the already mentioned friend in his nearby village.

Mia & Louisa

Mia und Louisa in Blanes, Spanien // 1. Bericht

Experience of Anaïs Dupuy’s landscaping practices

Anaïs Dupuy has taken a 2-month internship from her studies at the National School of Architecture and Landscape Design in Bordeaux to become a landscape designer.

During his stay he has carried out maintenance and conservation tasks for the Garden and has also developed the project to consolidate the ethnobotanical area and create a rockery in the second Garden.

To carry out this project, Anaïs had to document herself looking for information about the area of ​​ethnobotany and thus be able to have a good base on which to work. This has required a lot of preparatory field work, taking measures to be able to have sketches to scale to know very well all the corners of the space.

He has made several realistic and aesthetic plans of how the area of ​​ethnobotany is today, painted with watercolors, and in which you can observe his artistic talent, as well as other plans, which reflect a future proposal of how it could stay in this area after implementing the actions proposed in the project. He has also presented sketches in a more technical and precise format, made with a computer.

The composition of the elements and species of the project has a sense of being, and a justification both botanical and landscape. Anaïs has taken into account different factors when distributing the elements in the space such as the alternation of different densities of the vegetation in the area, which is a space accessible by sight, and the maintenance of a global coherence of the entire space.

His exhaustive work has increased and encouraged the development of this project which has acquired a very creative and interesting character. Anaïs’ move to Marimurtra has been a pleasure for the whole team.

If you are interested in an internship at the Marimurtra Botanical Garden, you can find more information at marimurtra.cat/estudiants

Farewell to volunteers Sophie and Henrike

Sophie and Henrike are two girls from Germany who decided to volunteer after finishing high school and before deciding on the first steps towards their future career. Through the European Solidarity Corps they found the Green Future project, carried out in collaboration between the Carl Faust Foundation and Naturkultur, e.V., a German entity based in Bremen.

In this project, the volunteers help sustainably conserve the plant collection of the Marimurtra Botanical Garden, while participating in tasks related to research and the dissemination work of the Botanic through participation in a wide range of ‘activities. At the same time that they have integrated perfectly into the Marimurtra team, they have lived an immersive experience in Catalan culture by participating in meetings and parties, as well as traveling to Spanish cities, with the desire to discover other places and ways of doing things.

After 9 months, it was time to say goodbye to them and thank them. We thank them for devoting their time to us, and above all for showing so much interest and always being ready to learn countless things, with the hope that this experience will leave a very positive impression on them.

On behalf of the entire Marimurtra team, thank you!

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