‘Fan of Marimurtra’

Last March the Carl Faust Foundation organized the photographic contest ‘H2oMarimurtra’ on social networks on the occasion of the celebration of World Water Day. The winners were awarded with the ‘Fan de Marimurtra’ card, a new project that offers visitors the chance to enjoy an annual fee to visit the botanical garden of the Costa Brava.

This project arises from the demand of some visitors that want to explore the Garden in its different stages and see how it evolves throughout the seasons of the year. A garden is a living museum that is related to the immediate physical environment and that it is connected with the changing factor of nature. Thus, the evolution of the collection of more than 4,000 species from five different continents of the Marimurtra Botanical Garden it is magic for the eyes: in the spring, most of the Mediterranean flowering species can be observed, but in winter , there are many species that reach their peak of splendor, such as aloes, euphorbiae or cactus.

The ‘Fans of Marimurtra’ will be able to acquire their accreditation at the Botanical Garden Marimurtra store. It costs € 30 and allows you to visit the Garden as many times as you wish for a natural year from the time of its acquisition. They are personal and non-transferable.

You can contact marimurtra@marimurtra.cat or at 972 33 08 26 to acquire the cards ‘Fan de Marimurtra’ or for more information.